Business – It’s not easy, doing what you do


You spend all this time training and getting hugely excited by what Hypnotherapy can do, and then you’re released into the big world only for the phone to stay silent and your email inbox to show an never-ending zero new emails. And for many there’s the added self-doubt about actually asking someone to pay for your services, after all you don’t have any real experience and what if it doesn’t work? But then you do take the plunge and realise that actually you’re really good at it and you can’t wait to do more business, but the well dries up again and you revert back to wondering if it’s you.

And then this guy comes along (that’s me) and tells you you’ve got to think like a business, and throws out all these posts and articles and videos telling you all these things about Facebook and Adwords and SEO and Google Maps, and you try to keep up but this isn’t what you trained for and soon you’re lost and you think this is never going to work.

No-one has prepared you for this. No-one told you it would be this hard. Everyone else seems to be doing so well, and you’re left on the outside looking in, wondering what they’re doing so right. And now those dreams of doing this full-time and loving what you do every hour of every day are slowly fading, and you’re thinking that maybe I should see if that job I left is still open, before it’s too late.

Here’s the thing. You are not alone. It’s normal. This happens to everyone, whatever business you start, and 10 years down the line it’ll still be happening in some form. But it does get better. In fact, it gets pretty amazing! But that relies on you staying the course. You cannot give up. There are far too many people whose lives will be immeasurably changed by what you do for them for you to stop now because it’s too hard.

Dig deeper. Push harder. Make every minute you’re awake count. It will come.