Structure – 7 Things in 7 Days


It’s really great to see so many people in this group, all wanting to help each other take your Hypnotherapy practices to the next level. But with so many things you can do, where do you start? Most people don’t have any structure to their marketing, they’ll just do something one day and then scramble around a week later when they don’t have any clients. Not really the most effective approach.

So here’s 7 things to do over the next 7 days that will take you that bit closer to the business you want. Do them in this order and don’t skip a day. It’s as much getting into a marketing habit as it is actually doing some marketing. I’d recommend making marketing the first thing you do every day so you always know it’s done, whatever happens later in the day.

Day 1: Make a video. If you want to be noticed in 2018, you need to be doing video. Nothing comes even close to the reach video gets. I’m putting this on day 1 because I know how many of you will trip up on this step. The usual excuses will come out, about how you’re not technical, and don’t know how to edit videos, and you hate the way you look on camera, etc etc. Get over it! Here’s how you make a video: 1) Pick up your phone. 2) Open the camera app. 3) Select Video. 4) Record. It really is that simple. No fancy editing needed, no special equipment. What do you film? Anything. Talk into the camera about an interesting client you’ve had, or some new research about hypnosis that’s just come out, or 3 ways hypnotherapy can help you lose weight. 3 or 4 minutes max. Now congratulate yourself on taking the first step, and immediately do another one.

Day 2: Post your super new video on your Facebook page. Don’t have a Facebook page? Go create one and post your video as your first post. Once it’s up, edit it in Facebook and go to the Captions section. Click Generate Captions to create subtitles for your video, then edit the words Facebook has generated because they won’t all be correct. You now have a video on Facebook with captions that way more people are going to see than anything else you’ve probably ever posted.

Day 3: Post your video on Instagram. Don’t have an Instagram account? Download the app and post your video as your first post. Doesn’t matter that the video is probably too long for Instagram, the point is you’re getting into the habit of posting it, and using the same video in multiple places. Now go take a photo of your therapy room and post that on Instagram. Use hashtags relevant to your posts like #hypnotherapy #hypnotherapist #london #essex. You’re aiming for 12-15 hashtags on average per post. Hashtags are how people find you on Instagram, so use them! Tip: Don’t add the hashtags in the photo / video description, comment on the post after it’s posted and put your hashtags in the comment.

Day 4: Get some client reviews. If you have some outdated ethical excuse for not getting reviews or testimonials, that’s fine, just skip this day and watch the other Hypotherapists in your area sail past you. Otherwise, start on Facebook. Contact your page fans and ask if they’ve been to see you would they be so kind as to write a quick review on Facebook, and include the link to your Facebook reviews page. Then look through your client list and see if anyone has a or email address (you do ask for their email don’t you?). Email them saying hope all is well, I’m trying to build up my business and reviews are a really important part of that. Would you mind perhaps writing a quick review for me on Google? I’ve included a link below that will take you to the right place. Thanks ever so much! Why only Gmail emails? Because they will already have a Google account, so it’s less hassle for them to write a review. Then contact the rest of your recent clients and give them the option of Facebook or Google.

Day 5: Login to Adwords. Don’t have Adwords? Go create an account. Then create your first campaign called Hypnotherapy <your location>. Create 3 ads using the words Hypnotherapy and your location, and then keywords that contain those words only. Set a budget of £5 per day. If you don’t know how to do this, then use Google’s help pages or do my Adwords course at…/hypnoads-masterclass/ If you already have a live account with campaigns and ads running, then use today to review it. Check your ad click through rate, make sure you have at least 3 ads per adgroup, go into your keywords and select the Search Terms dropdown to see what people were searching for, then add negative keywords for anything you don’t want your ads to show for. Go into Ads & Extensions and create extensions for Sitelinks, Callouts, Structured Snippets, Location and Phone as a minimum. Then make a note in your diary to look at this again in 7 days to see how it’s going. If you don’t know what I’m on about, then use Google’s help pages or do my Adwords course at…/hypnoads-masterclass/

Day 6: Make a video. Yes, again. This time however you’re going to do 3x 15 second videos, and take 2 photos and add them as a Story on Instagram and Facebook. Open Instagram, at the top left there’s a camera icon. Click on it. Point your camera at whatever you want to film or photo. Hold the film button to video something, press it once to take a photo. Then click the down arrow at the bottom of the screen to save it to your phone, and then click the + icon to add it to your story. Repeat at least 5 times, with 15 second videos or photos. Your story will stay there for 24 hours. Now go to Facebook and create a story there in the same way. And what about the images / videos you saved to your phone? Later today go back to Instagram and use a couple of those on your Instagram as a normal post. Don’t forget the hashtags. And then again on Facebook. Always think how you can reuse content. Nothing should ever only be used once.

Day 7: Review everything you’ve done this week. Write down what posts you put up, what ads you did, what contacts you had, and next to it write the results. In some cases there may not be a massive change, but what you’re looking for is progress. And the more you do these things the more progress you’ll make. And whatever saw great success you want to repeat, and repeat again and again as long as you’re getting the results. Always look at how you can improve something the next time, then implement it to see if it’s improved. Never stop. Never just put something up once and then not look at it again. You’re just wasting your time. Analysing and reviewing your marketing is as important as the marketing itself.

So there you go. 7 Things in 7 days that will positively move you forward in your business. If you have every week planned like this, you will have accomplished huge amounts at the end of the year. It takes discipline and perseverence, but it’ll work if you stick at it. If you need a little motivation or support or just a kick up the rear every now and then, then join the Monday Club at

Enjoy the journey and let me know how it goes